Referring words

This /That, it or which

Fill in the gaps with missing words.
1. Over the last couple of years there has been a remarkable rise in the level of public health funding. is particularly evident from the number of new hospitals built.

2. He was driving along Gore Hill Freeway. is often referred to as Sydney's eyesore.

3. The family background is definitely one of the most important determinants of the educational aspirations for the individual. has been demonstrated by several reliable studies conducted in different regions of the world.

4. New technological development in the last century led to significant changes in the lifestyle. became more sedentary and, as a result, unhealthy, especially among the young generation. The youth of today spends long hours in front of the computer, can damage their health and lead to social problems in the future.

5. Before the election, the candidate made many promises to improve the infrastructure of the area. was never delivered, ultimately brought about this downfall.

6. is a well known fact that while thinking about the design for Sydney Opera House, Jon Utzon was peeling an orange. gave him an idea for the Sails that the Opera House is famous for.

7. Stress is the primary cause of mental health problems. affects people from all different walks of life.

8.Those who don't have enough economic resources cannot pay for a decent health service. Unfortunately, is a real problem in developing and underdeveloped countries.

9. Growing genetically modified crops seems to be the most efficient means to meet the food demand shortage as could not only provide sufficient yield but also could play an important role in improving its nutrition value.

10. Free and unrestricted access to higher education will certainly be beneficial for the country. means that everyone would have a chance to a successful career, despite their background and socio-economic status.

11.Constant stress or pressure may cause depression. in turn can lead to eating disorder and sleeping problems, for example, insomnia.

12. Illawarra Flame tree, Brachychiton Acerifolius, is common on the east coast of Australia. is famous for the bright red flowers which resemble the bell. The flowering only happens when the tree is still leafless but is getting ready for the new foliage. normally occurs in late spring.

13. Tomas hasn't shown good results in the last reading test. could be due to his lack of practice. Vy, on the other hand, has a really good mark and doesn't think the test was too difficult. In fact, she feels was very easy. However, was David who has the best score in class, is the result of his hard work and well developed vocabulary.