Small or Little?

General rules are as follows:
number; group; children; business; house
girl; boy; smile; man; things;
with 'rather'; 'fairly'; 'pretty'
with proper names
More often used in comparative and superlative forms than LITTLE
used to show how you feel about a person, thing, esp. after 'ugly'; little'; 'nice'; 'cute'

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Choose the correct answer. Your objective is to answer at least 10 questions correctly.

1. This is a _____ matter. Don't pay too much attention to it.
small little
2. Can you see the _____ girl over there? She's my niece.
small little
3. A group of _____ children were building a sand castle on Bondi Beach.
small little
4. He was a _____ man with a great ambition?
small little
5. In New York there is an area known as _____ Italy.
Small Little
6. As it was almost impossible to find a job in the field he decided to open a _____ business.
small little
7. You poor _____ thing!
small little
8. The new house we just bought is much _____ that the previous one but the location is much better.
smaller less
9. I'm a _____ bit confused.
small little
10. This is such a _____ mistake.
small little
11. There is _____ I can do; it's up to them now.
small little

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