Fill in ALL the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Joe and Tina (go) shopping yesterday. They (catch) a bus from St Leonards to Town Hall and then (walk) to China Town. It (take) them only 15 minutes (walk) there. In China Town they (meet) other students from TAFE. They (decide) to have lunch together in a food court on Denison Street. After lunch they (buy) some Australian souvenirs (send) home. They (choose) a boomerang, a koala and a small rug. Jin (want) to buy opals but the jewelry (be) too expensive. May (try) some dresses but (not, buy) any. At 4 o'clock James (suggest) going to the Market City (watch) a movie starring Jacky Chang and everybody (think) it (be) a good idea.