an infinitive or a gerund?

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1. When you visit a Japanese home, don't forget (remove) _______ your shoes.
to remove

2. I don't remember (recieve) _______ an email from you.
to receive

3. I remember (meet) _______ you in our Shanghai office three years ago.
to meet

4. I must remember (book) _______ a hotel for our Chilean guests who are arriving tomorrow.
to book

5. I remember (book) _______ a hotel for our guests who are arriving tomorrow but I can't find their names on our database.
to book

6. Don't forget (call) _______ your parents! It's their wedding anniversary.
to call

7. I remember (see) _______ her at the beach last week.
to see

8. I regret (to tell) _______ her the truth. I totally forgot that she can't keep a secret.
to tell

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