Present Participle

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Choose the correct spelling of the verb

1. I'm (study) * studying studing studiing English.
2. They're (play) * plaing plaeing playing soccer right now.
3. She's (type) * typeing typying typing a letter to her friend.
4. They're (plan) * planing planning planeing to go hiking.
5. My friend's (write) * writeing writing writiing a book.
6. Pat and Paul are (dance). * dancing danceing dancying
7. They're (drink) * drinkking drinkeing drinking coffee and (chat). * chatting chating chatiing
8. Mr Bosch's (talk) * talkiing talking talkking to his friend over the phone.
9. Bob's (cut) the cake while * cutting cuteing cuting Jane's (serve) * serveing serving servying the tea.
10. - What's Ann (do) * ding doeing doing now? - She's (call) * calling caling caleing her brother.

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