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Hello. My name is Michael and I love shopping. Usually guys don't like shopping but I love it. I go shopping for clothes almost every weekend. Sometimes I buy shoes, sometimes shirts, sometimes jeans. It is a terrible problem because I'm just a student and I don't have money to spend. Last Saturday I went to Market City, you know, the big shopping centre in China Town. I went with my girlfriend because she wanted to buy some T-shirts. I bought a T-shirt too. It wasn't cheap but the colour was nice. It was light blue. I like blue, it's good on me. It cost $15. I wore it to the beach on Sunday and after that I washed it. It shrank. I can't
wear it anymore. What a waste of money! I am very angry with myself. I am not going to buy anything for a month. By the way, I'm in China Town now. I'm not buying anything. I'm just window shopping. I can see a beautiful necklace in the window. It is not expensive and I want to buy it for my girlfriend. I'm
not buying it. I'm not going crazy today. I'm not spending money today.
I don't have any money. My money is at home.