Computer Virus

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What is a virus? We have all had it at some stage. It affects our body, makes us feel unwell, attacks the energy level. So, viruses cause sickness, prevent our body from operating in a normal way.
How do we get a virus? We usually 'receive' it from somebody. It does not come from nowhere, it is an infection we catch from other people.
Computer viruses operate in a very similar way. They also result in sickness and affect the way the computer functions. A computer virus is a computer program which has been designed with only one purpose - to cause harm. It 'attacks' programs which then can be infected and pass on the virus to other programs. It changes the way the program operates, sometimes leading to a complete system crash. It can be spread via a network or the Internet from one computer to another, it can also be transferred via a disk or a CD.
A virus can corrupt data, display a message or even do nothing. Because it is a computer program it should be treated as such. As you remember any program is a set of instructions, hence it has been delibarately designed to perform some functions and affect the system.






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