Twins: Comparatives and Superlative

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Read the following dialogue and click on the best answer

- Look at the girls over there. They are twins.
- No, they can't be. They look different.
-They do, but they are twins. The one talking over the phone is Carol and her sister's name is Cindy.They are not identical twins.
-They are so different! Cindy is much taller
taler tallier and slimer slimmer slimmest
- No, she isn't. She's just wearing her dress short
shortier shorter and the heels highist highiest higher than Carol.
- Cindy's hair is also darker
darkiest dark and long longer longger than Carol's but I think Carol's prettier more pretier pritier and talkative more talkative talkativier.
- No, I think that Cindy is much more prettier. I think she's prettier
prettiest the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I know, she is less lively than Carol but she's so beautiful! She's also smart. She's the smartest the smarter more smarter student in our group. Her assignments are always better the best best.
- I see. You really like Cindy.