'In', 'On', 'At' with Time Phrases

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Read the following sentences and click on the best answer
  • Part A
    I like summer. __ summer we have Christmas / New Year holidays.
    * In On At -* Christmas is __ the end of December. * in at on -* and New Year Day is __ the first day of January. * on at - in* There are spectacular fireworks in Darling Harbour __ midnight to celebrate the New Year.* in - at on*
  • Part B
    I like going bushwalking __ weekends.
    * in at on -* We usually pack our bags __ Friday night * in on at -* and leave the house __ about 6.30 Saturday morning. * at in on -* We prefer to leave early to beat the morning traffic __ Saturday. * on in at -*
  • Part C

  • __ last winter we went skiing to New Zealand.* In On - At* __ the end of June there is usually a lot of snow there. * In On At -* Winter in New Zealand starts __
    * in on at -* June, same as in Australia. We arrived there __ * in on - at* the 28th of June, __ Friday night.* in on at -* and started skiing __ the following morning. * in on at -*

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