ECS: New Year in Australia

New Year Day In Australia

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The 1st of January, the New Year Day is in the middle of winter on the western calendar which is used in many countries also as an international calendar. Right? Wrong! It's midsummer in Australia and many other countries. Here the winter months are June to August but in Australia it is not really cold. Only in the Snowy Mountains the temperature can drop below zero. It is usually hot and sunny on the 1st of January in Australia. It is a holiday season. People go to the beach to swim, surf or just to relax. There are also tourists from Europe who want to escape the cold winter there.

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The international calendar is used in  countries. The New Year Day on this ,
which is also known as a western calendar, is In many countries the New Year Day is in the In the Southern Hemisphere the summer months are and it isn't usually  The coldest place in in Australia is probably . In summer many tourists come to Australia from  to , and relax on the .

I am British. I to come to Australia in summer, when it cold in Europe. Last year I in Australia in summer. I at the beginning of December, the first month of
in Australia. It sunny and warm, we swimming every day. We also a lot and on the beach. Next year I come to Australia in winter because I to go skiing in the Snowy Mountains.

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