Holiday at Lake Macquarie

Read the telephone conversation below and choose the best option.

- Oh, hi Mike! Where are you? a lot of you lately.

- a holiday on Lake Macquiarie.

- alone or with your girl-friend?

- I'm with my mates. We a wonderful time.

- Where ?

any friends living there?

- No. We in a motel. It's not bad and quite cheap. There's even a spa and a swimming pool. Not that we use them a lot, we are very busy.

- Why are you so busy? What ?

- We've been swimming in the lake and ocean, a bike and ...

- A bike? I you had a bike!

- We bikes. It's so beautiful here that one doesn't want to spoil the nature. Listen, I to ask you to come over for the weekend. You don't work weekends, do you?

- Thanks, I think I'd love too. How do I get there?

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