Sir Florey

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Right click to open Australian Dictionary of Biography in a new window. You can also a Wikipedia article about Sir Florey.
Read the text and answer the following questions.

Objective: answer at least 7 questions correctly.

1. What is Baron Florey famous for?
New pathological approaches.
His nobility.
Discovery of penicillin.
His work for Microsoft.

2. Where did Sir Florey finalised his research?
In Britain.
In the United States.
In Australia.
In New Zealand.

3. Where was the first commercial penicillin manufactured?
In Britain.
In the United States.
In Australia.
In New Zealand.

4. Why did Chain, Fleming and Florey share the Nobel Prize?
They treated wounded soldiers.
They co-discovered penicillin.
They fought against the knights in 1944.
They helped to establish Microsoft.

5. Who did Florey work with?
Bill Gates.
Sir Howard Walter.
Sir Alexander Fleming.
Ernst Boris Chain.

6. What happened in 1939?
Florey moved to Oxford.
The first penicillin-based medicine was produced.
Penicillin mold was discovered.
All of the above.

7. Florey moved to the United States because
The British government wasn't interested in his work.
He wanted to be closer to Bill Gates.
British industry was affected by war and was unable to manufacture penicillin in large quantities.
Germany-born Ernst Boris Chain wasn't allowed to stay in Britain.

8. Florey in known in Australia as an Australian scientist because he
taught in an Adelaide Uni.
made his discovery in Australia.
was born in Adelaide.
died in Australia.

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