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Why does one like teaching? Is it because it makes one feel grand and important? No, no... it's not as bad as that. No, it's more like fishing, I think. You don't know what catch you're going to get, what you're going to drag out from the sea. It's the quality of the response. It's so exciting when it comes. It doesn't very often, of course.

Agatha Christie

My name is Janna. I live in Sydney, Australia and teach English to International students at TAFE NSW, Ultimo campus.

Initially, I started this page for my students but it developed in something bigger than I intended so I keep developing activities for the benefit of everyone interested.

Please feel free to use the activities and worksheets for teaching/learning purposes. You are also free to print them out and modify to suit your lessons. (As a teacher I know how we all need this!). However, I would appreciate if you acknowledge the source.

I update and expand the Page regularly, so visit it again some time in the future!

Please note that though I work for TAFE NSW the website has been neither endorsed nor approved by this organisation.

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